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Youngevity Products Introduces New Cyber to Its Service Division Offering

SAN DIEGO, CA – Leading omni-direct lifestyle company Youngevity International, Inc. announced the expansion of its Service Division Offering by coming into agreement with four new contracts. Youngevity products aims to broaden its offering to include key services such as Identity Theft Protection, Virtual Tech Support, Data Storage and Credit Monitoring. These additions will be operating both individually and in combination with each other to provide customers and distributors more options than ever before.

The Services Division was formally launched last year after Youngevity acquired David Allen Capital which represents several lenders that help give capital to small businesses and startups.  David Allen Capital has organized over $8 million worth of loans to small businesses across the United States since the Youngevity acquisition back in April of 2016.  With David Allen Capital’s success, the Youngevity products services division immediately gained traction as it quickly branched out into Telemedicine with the launch of Youngevity Telecare and in no time, added yet another milestone in Youngevity Cart Ripple, an app based shopping assistant that lets its users earn while searching for the most affordable prices online.

“Our goal is to provide a full lineup of business and residential services that will either introduce simplicity and convenience to our customers or a savings on services they are already using.  We expect to release the newly announced services later this year and have several additional services in the due diligence process. We expect to continue to expand our product offering as we leverage the growth taking place within Youngevity’s customer and distributor base.”                                                                                

–  David Rutz, Vice President of Global Services

“We are enthusiastic about our Services Division and the potential it provides for revenue growth without the dependence of inventory management. Our Services further accentuate the unique nature of our Omni-Direct business model and we believe this new suite of products are a great addition to this exciting category,” said Youngevity President and CFO, Dave Briskie.

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