mannatech nutrient rich coffee

Mannatech Australia Creates Healthier Mornings with New Nutrient-Rich Coffee

GlycoCafe, the world’s most complete coffee, has recently been launched to its Australian Market by leading health and wellness company Mannatech.  Charged with the company’s ingenious Glyconutrients, GlycoCafe is a healthy alternative for coffee lovers out there.

While most people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning for the caffeine, GlycoCafe provides so much more by giving you the whole coffee fruit, and an infusion of Glyconutrients, which is the heart of the company’s clinically tested nutritional technology.  Mannatech’s Ambrotose powder has also been clinically proven to have positive benefits particularly to young adults’ attention and middle-aged individuals’ memory and alertness.

Furthermore, while most coffee today only use roasted coffee beans, GlycoCafe uses a blend of organic Arabica beans, green coffee and antioxidant-rich Coffeeberry brand coffee fruit for that added flavour and aroma making it a nutrient rich coffee.

GlycoCafe is perfect for vegans because it doesn’t have gluten, dairy, MSG, soy, artificial flavour/color and sweeteners.

Mannatech’s Senior Global Wellness Director and Chairman of Global Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Steve Nugent had this to say:

“Most people turn to coffee to help them wake up.  Imagine if your coffee did more than that. We’ve included the whole coffee fruit as well as our exclusive Manapol® aloe gel extract. For the first time in my career, I can recommend a truly healthy coffee. There is no other coffee in the world that can provide all that GlycoCafé can.”

GlycoCafe nutrient rich coffee makes your mornings quick and easy because it comes in individual sachets that you can grab and go when you’re running late for work.  Everyone from working professionals, students and parents alike can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee anytime, anywhere!

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