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What Kind of Incentive Program Will Motivate Your Team with Sara Robbins

An incentive program is created to motivate or encourage someone to perform a certain action, so they have a logical place in your network marketing business, right? There’s a delicate balance at play between incentivizing in a way that creates lasting results and buying or discounting your way to the top. When do incentives make sense? When do they do more harm than good? Luckily we have a video from Sarah Robbins sharing her valuable feedback on this tricky topic!

Sarah Robbins is a top earner in her network marketing company, so she knows a thing or two about running an incentive program to motivate her team. She does however have some guidelines as to when they are appropriate. Sarah makes it clear that: NO, incentives are not to be used all of the time, and YES, to enrollment incentives sometimes. She goes on to explain that when you always offer cash back on enrollments or discounted products, then it will be difficult to both a) enroll people any other way and b) show your team that they can enroll members without using an incentive program. This video is full of valuable information, check it out below!

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Featured Trainer: Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins is a #1 distributor and top earner in her network marketing company, with a seven figure annual income. Sarah has a passion to share her success system with others to help them learn and grow in their business. She shares her best practices in her best-selling book Rock Your Network Marketing Business, and inspires audiences as a top network marketing speaker. In conclusion, you can check out Sarah’s work on her website at