How to Be Coachable with Randy Gage

The element of coach-ability can be a huge asset if you’re looking to lead a productive life. What does it mean to be coachable? Being coachable means that you are willing and able to do what it takes to change and adapt with your environment to create the most positive outcome. Increasing your flexibility is also a huge factor when learning how to be coachable. Not to be confused with practicing your splits, increased flexibility in your mental game will lead to some major gains in your business.

Randy Gage also sees the benefit of learning how to be coachable. He mentions seven keys to working with a coach or mentor to help you be the best person that you’re capable of becoming. The number one key he mentions is to learn how to be coachable! Randy is often asked for personal coaching by many people who don’t listen to his advice! It seems simple, but it is the single most important asset of a mentee. There’s a lot more info where that came from, so check out the video below to learn more!


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Featured Trainer: Randy Gage

For more than 20 years Randy Gage has been helping people shatter limiting beliefs to achieve success and prosperity. He helps people uncover subconscious programming that causes them to sabotage their own success, and replace it with belief that allows them to succeed.

Randy’s been called “the millionaire messiah” because he teaches how to harness timeless spiritual principles to manifest prosperity in life. His “Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller” style offers straight talk on what it takes to make it today. The lessons he teaches are the result of his own journey from high school dropout to multi-millionaire.

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