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How To Create Good Habits with Randy Gage

The self-help industry is flooded with information on how to create goals, but without creating good habits goal setting is completely useless! Think about the last time you made a goal. Whether that goal was to lose 10 pounds before summer, or to make a healthy lifestyle change like picking up a new sport. Those goals, even when they are written down, are just that: goals! What does it take to achieve them? The answer to that question is by creating good habits.

Randy Gage believes that habits are created by making a conscious decision to commit to something every single day. He believes that making goals is an important step in the process, but without good habits those goals have hope of actually becoming reality. This video is packed with golden nuggets, so be sure to check it out below!

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Featured Trainer: Randy Gage

For more than 20 years Randy Gage has been helping people shatter limiting beliefs to achieve success and prosperity. He helps people uncover subconscious programming that causes them to sabotage their own success, and replace it with belief that allows them to succeed.

Randy’s been called “the millionaire messiah” because he teaches how to harness timeless spiritual principles to manifest prosperity in life. His “Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller” style offers straight talk on what it takes to make it today. The lessons he teaches are the result of his own journey from high school dropout to multi-millionaire.

You can check out Randy’s work on his website at