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How to Build a Global Team with Darin Kidd

Building a global team is on a lot of networkers’ to-do lists. Rightfully so! Once you go global your business gains the fuel to explode to a whole new level! Although there’s a lot of untapped potential in the global market it’s important to remember the market in your hometown. It’s easy to think that building a global team is an instant ticket to success all the while forgetting the undeveloped potential in your own backyard!

Darin Kidd advises his listeners to build a fire in your own backyard. That doesn’t sound like much advice as it pertains to your international game, but there’s a lot of logic behind it. By building locally you will create a network of people who will likely know of someone in the country your company is expanding to. Darin uses the example of building in Canada. Before his company launched in Canada he asked everyone on his team the same question, “Who do you know in Canada?” Eventually that one question lead to some exponential growth for his global team!



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Featured Trainer: Darin Kidd

About 17 years ago I was bankrupt, my car was repossessed, I was on Medicaid, and my wife Cheryl and I were buying our groceries using food stamps. I felt like a failure in so many ways and I wanted to give up about 100 times a day! Well I didn’t. I took a stand and told myself, “I will until!” Someone once told me that success was buried under frustration and I was determined to stay strong enough, long enough, to find my way to success.

Now, I am one of the most sought-after trainers in network marketing today and use my own story to help inspire others to find their own success.